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20 August 2017
Credit Control Department

What is the Credit Control Committee?

This is a committee set up by the Board of Directors to check that loans are being repaid as promised. It is a service to Members who may need advice due to changed circumstances. In the event of being unable to keep to the terms of his or her credit agreement, the Member should see the Credit Control Officer immediately and make them aware of this and together arrange a suitable repayment plan.

What are Loan Arrears?

The first week you miss a loan repayment, your account falls into arrears. If it remains in arrears our Credit Control Officer will contact you. If you find yourself in financial difficulty and unable to meet your credit union loan repayments, ring our Credit Control Officer before our Credit Control Officer rings you.

If you have:

  • Lost your job
  • Family circumstances have changed
  • Are on a low income
  • Fallen behind in loan repayments
  • Are in ill health
  • Find yourself over-indebted
  • Find it difficult to meet repayments

Then contact Annmarie on 01 6244930 to make an appointment.

Our Credit Control Officer will:

  • Meet with you in private to discuss your overall situation
  • Help you to write a realistic budget, if you wish
  • Assist you in getting back on track with repayments
  • Meet with the Credit Control Committee on your behalf and arrange a Change of Agreement, if required
  • And we do not charge our members a fee for this service!

If you find yourself having problems meeting your repayments on your credit union loan:

  • Donít panic
  • Do not ignore the problem
  • Take immediate action, and

Contact our Credit Control Officer Annmarie today to arrange an appointment and start the process of getting back on your feet!

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